Gadha Wallet

Under the umbrella of the Central Bank of Jordan, the new Gadha Mobile Wallet is your personal financing companion.
Without the need of having any bank accounts, the Gadha mobile wallet allows you to fully monitor and control your finances through a fully digital mobile wallet.

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Pay your bills
Receive and send transfers from MoneyGram
Withdraw from ATM's
Pay using QR codes
Shop online
Send and receive money transfers

How to Open the Wallet

How to reload your Wallet

To withdraw from an ATM:

  • Go to the nearest ATM
  • Choose "Card-less services"
  • Choose preferred language
  • Choose "JoMoPay E-Wallet Services"
  • Press "Cash Withdrawal"
  • Specify the amount you’d like to withdraw
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Enter your one-time password "OTP"
  • Press "Proceed" to receive your cash!

Prepaid MasterCard:

Add your prepaid MasterCard, in order to link it to your E-wallet. Linking your globally accepted MasterCard to your E-wallet allows you to make purchases as well as withdraw from ATMS, and online shop.


Protection and Safety

The Gadha E-wallet is subject to the license and control of the Central Bank of Jordan. 􀐇e Jordanian company, Elaf, organizes and manages the E-wallet, which works through the national exchange network and system

Prices & Commissions for Gadha Wallet

Service Price/ Commission by Gate to Pay Notes

Wallet Creation


Standard Prepaid Card Issuing

8 JOD including delivery for cards ordered online 2 Years Validity

Card Replacement - Standard Prepaid (Lost/damaged)

5.00 JOD Add JOD 2.50 for delivery (Inside Jordan)

Card Renewal - Standard Prepaid

6 JOD 2 Years Validity

Card-ATM Balance Inquiry

0.25 JOD

Gadha to Gadha wallet Money Transfer

0.10 JOD

Gadha wallet to other wallets Money Transfer

0.25 JOD

Transfer To GatetoPay Card


Transfer From GatetoPay Card


ATM Cash withdrawal - Cardless

1.00 JOD

Card-ATM Cash withdrawal (Local ATMs)

1.00 JOD

Card-ATM Cash withdrawal (International ATMs)

2.00 JOD

Card-Local POS/eCommerce Commission


CashIn from eFawateercom

eFawateercom Fees will be applied

Cashout from Agents

0-50 = 0.500 JOD
51-250 = 0.750 JOD
251-1000 = 1.000 JOD
1001-3000 = 3.000 JOD
3001-5000 = 5.000 JOD
5001-10000 = 7.00 JOD

Cashout from Agents (Industrial Areas)

0.500 JOD

CashIn - Agent

0-100 = Free
100-250 = JOD 0.500
above JOD 250 = JOD 1.000

Dormant wallet account fees

2.00 JOD monthly

Dormant wallet account activation fees

5.00 JOD